Principal Investigator

Chong Liu

Neubauer Family Assistant Professor

Postdoc, Stanford University (with Steven Chu and Yi Cui)
Ph.D. MSE with CEE minor, Stanford University (with Yi Cui and Ali Boehm)
B.S. Chemistry, Fudan University

Selected Honors and Awards

Sloan Research Fellow (2024)
Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (2023)
DOE Early Career Award (2022)
MIT TR35 (2020)

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Postdoctoral Researchers

The Liu Group seeks motivated and talented scientists and engineers to join the group. Candidates with background in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and other related fields are encouraged to apply. Please send your CV to

Mingzhan Wang

Ph.D. Chemistry, Peking University

Kangli Xu

Ph.D. Chemistry, USTC

Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students from U Chicago’s graduate programs are welcome to join our group.

Grant Hill

Ph.D. PME, 2018

Adarsh Suresh

Ph.D. PME, 2018

Gangbin Ian Yan

Ph.D. PME, 2019

MRS Graduate Student Gold Award

Yu Han

Ph.D. PME, 2019

Siqi Zou

Ph.D. PME, 2019

Leeann Sun

Ph.D. PME, 2021

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention

Dongchen Ying

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2021

Suin Choi

Ph.D. PME, 2022

Jiadong Liu

Ph.D. PME, 2022

Seonwoo Kim

Ph.D. PME, 2022

Jingyi Li

Ph.D. PME, 2023

Xiaolin Yue

Ph.D. PME, 2023

Xiaolong Zhu

Ph.D. PME, 2023

Undergraduate Students

Current undergraduate students from U Chicago’s programs are welcome to join our group.

Emory Apodaca

PME, Class of 2024

Quad Undergraduate Research Scholar

Eva Lim

PME, Class of 2026


Postdoctoral Researchers

Guiming Peng, Postdoc

Current: Professor, Jiangxi Normal University

Youwen Zhang, Postdoc

Current: Assistant Professor, Rutgers University-Camden

Ge Zhang, Postdoc

Graduate Students

Eli Hoenig

Ph.D. PME, 2018-2023

MRSEC Fellowship, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention

Current: Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Manchester

Jiaqi Wang, Visiting Student

Undergraduate Students

An Li

Keda Song

Julia Radhakrishnan

Jiawen Wu

Sohaila Abdelhamid

Raphael Stone

PME, Class of 2024

Quad Undergraduate Research Scholar

Current: Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University

Our Research

We study and solve issues in energy, environment, and health.